We are focusing on how best to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics, household and Industrial waste of enviornment. A programme of action for making world to live in.


We are Achieving a balance between supply and demand for recycled plastics is critical to the longer-term viability of regional collection programs.


Our mid-term and long-term goals include a future that combines hard work, dedication, honesty and a committment of excellence from every employee.


We are specialized in plastics and textile in global market. In our website, you will find information about our company. We also deal with textiles wastes such as synthetic rags, cotton rags, shoddy and synthetic fiber.

We are able to make shipments anywhere in the world and are commited to deal on quality/quantity basis . Our company is located in INDIA and we also supply plastic scraps . We cover scrap materials mainly LDPE , HDPE , PVC , PP , ABS , PBT , etc. Having suppliers from different locations ( mainly EUROPE , JAPAN and USA ).